Friday, June 11, 2010

My New Series on Mindset

Good news, Imaginary Reader! I have conquered The British Correspondent (again) and returned The Muppet Mindset to the rightful hands of--well, me, for now. Ryan should be back tomorrow.

Until then, I the Intern have started a new series for The Mindset: The Epic CD-ROM Family Adventure. I'll be leading the Mindset readers on a guided tour of the Muppet Treasure Island computer game.

It was originally going to be one article of me reminiscing about the game, but then I installed it on my mom's computer and once again have full access to all its glory. Since so few Muppet fans have access to that glory (or even know about it), I feel it is my privilege and duty to share it with them. Really, the game is fantastically Muppety. It would be a shame for the fans to have no idea how great it is. And let's face it--there is just too much greatness for it to fit in one little post.

With the post I have, I haven't even gotten into game play yet. The Game is so packed with Muppety goodness that I couldn't get that far. In fact, when I start the next post, I still won't be at the point of game play. I will finally be at the start of the story, though. All I've gotten through at this point is what I'm calling the First Room. That's where you meet Stevenson the Parrot and figure out how you're going to start playing. You can start a new game, load a saved game, or just automatically start playing from Bristol, the Hispaniola, or Treasure Island. (You can start playing from the Benbow Inn, too, but that's the same as starting a new game, so I'm not sure I get the point of that, but it keeps everything symmetrical.)

Anyway, I'll let you know when I post each part of the series so you can follow along, Imaginary Reader. It should be good.

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