Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How long has it been this time?

I'm really no good at this "blogging" thing.

It's not like I haven't done anything in the past week. I've had two articles over on the Mindset, I babysat, I've been on some nice long motorcycle rides with my parents (as a passenger--I don't have my license), my dog had a seizure, the first few family members are trickling into town for a reunion... Yeah, there's been plenty I could have blogged about. It just sort of hasn't happened.

I'd say it comes down to this: If you want something to get done, give it to a busy person to do. I am not even remotely busy, so nothing is getting done. My three loads of laundry took all day yesterday to do. I really need to go pick up my contacts from the eye doctor, but, well... that hasn't happened.

I suppose I could crotchet, but I could also put that off for when I can't sleep or I'm visiting my grandmothers. I've been working on the same blanket for a year and a half now, and it's still not done. In fairness, it's almost done, and it's big enough for a twin-sized bed. (Pity I don't have a twin-sized bed.) For a while now, I've been working on it every time I go to see Grandma, which is every Saturday night when I'm home. (Yes, I'm a college student with such a non-existent social life that I spend my Saturday nights with my grandmother. But I like visiting Grandma on Saturday nights.) When I'm off at school, she apparently asks my parents how I'm doing on my blanket. I think she cares about it more than I do, and I would give it to her without a second thought as soon as I finished it if only the heat in my apartment at school hadn't earned itself a reputation for malfunctioning. Maybe I'll give it to her after I graduate.

We no longer have any Project Linus blankets in the house that I could work on, which is actually good, because in a couple of days my sister will be in town from California, which means we'll have more people than beds in a house where space is already at a premium. It's funny--the house was just the right size when my sisters and I grew up, but then they moved out and my parents spread out a little, and then the oldest and her husband had to move back in, and all of a sudden we're out of bedrooms.

So all that's really left for me to do during the day is write and exercise. But I don't feel like exercising until after I'm put together for the day, and getting put together for the day includes showering, and it just seems silly to shower and then exercise, so that almost never happens.

And that leaves writing. There, at least, I've been making some progress. Not nearly as much as I could, mind you, but it's something.

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