Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well, That Felt Pointless

I was actually somewhat productive today. I cleaned the bathroom, washed my car, checked in at the bookstore where I used to work, and picked up some things at Wal-Mart.

And I have decided that being productive can also be a complete waste of time.

Cleaning the bathroom wasn't so bad. Yes, it took me three times as long as it would take most people, but I'm used to that. The point is that the faucet is shiny again. Give it twenty-four to forty-eight hours, and it probably won't be, but right now it is.

Washing my car was another matter. You see, my car was FILTHY. At home and at school, my car is usually parked under a tree. For those of you who don't know, trees are terrible for a car's cleanliness. They drop leaves, seeds, and--worst of all--sap. They're also a favorite hang-out for birds, and birds poop. Then there's the fact that driving a car usually involves hitting bugs. Now add in the fact Daddy has always taught me not to go to car washes because they scratch cars (not that I have much spare money to go to a car wash) and it all adds up to one very dirty car that hasn't seen a hose since sometime Fall semester (at my best estimation). So after I spent who-knows-how-long washing my car, it's still dirty. Much cleaner than it was, but still dirty. And now my face is sunburned and I have a sixth bug bite on my back.

When I poked my head in at the cute little bookstore I used to work at, I had a lovely chat with a former co-worker. As far as I've ever known, she's a wonderful employee--trustworthy, prompt, and good with customers, not to mention that she usually knew the store's inventory better than the computer did. The store is now under new ownership and no longer has a computer to look up books, so you would think that skill of hers would be particularly handy to have around.

But she works one day a week. Business stinks. So chances are slim to none that they'll be able to hire me for the summer.

So the only really successful thing I did today that will have any lasting effects is that trip to Wal-Mart. I bought a garbage can. Woo-hoo. Then I came home and parked my car under a tree again.

So tell me... What exactly was the benefit of getting up at a relatively reasonable hour and being productive? As far as I can tell, I just sped up the process of running out of things to put off. When that happens, boredom will reach all new heights.

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