Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet Blog

Imaginary Reader, there's someone I'd like to introduce you to. See this lovely picture to the right? This is Blog. As you can see, Blog is a dragon. Now, I'm sure you're wondering... Why?

It's a long story. If you want the whole story, you've got a lot of reading ahead of you. It all started here, on Muppet Central Forum in 2005. Somehow, the crazies over there decided they should pretend to be in a movie, making up the plot as they went. Crazy times. Loads of fun. Really hard to follow.

The premise of the movie was that some evil guy was taking over Muppet Central, and the members of the forum were all sucked through our computer screens into cyberspace. I was a newbie back then, so as I meekly made my way into the plot, my plan was to keep to myself just in case I wasn't accepted. When I was sucked through my computer screen, I was immediately deposited in a jail cell. The bad guy was on the other side of the bars taunting me and torturing all my friends, and my cell mate was a dragon.

Spoiler alert! According to the bad guy, if I didn't behave myself (by the bad guy's standards), my dragon cell mate would eat me. However, my dragon cell mate turned out to be a friendly dragon named Blog. Eventually, Blog helped me escape and chased the bad guy away.

I've never really completely forgotten about Blog, and now that I have a blog, I thought I should pay tribute to my first Blog. So now Blog's portrait is on my blog.

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  1. Hi Lisa! It's Beth (redBoobergurl) here - I followed your link from MC - anyhoo, I totally remember that movie in 2005 - gosh those were the days! I love the picture, that is just awesome!

    I'm enjoying reading along here!