Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bein' Green

So I was going for a walk on the trail by my apartment, and I started thinking about how nice and lush and green everything was, and how that was so soothing and calming. Naturally, that got me thinking about our color unit, and how I read that green is supposed to inspire trust, and I wanted to do my presentation on green as used on bank websites, only to find that green was hardly used at all on bank websites, so I used blue instead.

In class, we talked about different colors "meaning" different things, or at least that's what a lot of the research was about. Green makes you trust, and blue makes you focus, and dark blue is empowering, and so on and so forth. But really, no matter what the color is, how it makes you feel depends on context.

Alright, so on my walk, green was wonderful. It made me nice and calm, and helped me clear my head, which is exactly why I took a walk to begin with. And it's true that I like the color green; it's one of my three favorites, thanks almost entirely to Kermit the Frog. (Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with the Muppets?)

But that doesn't mean green is always good. In fact, green can be quite bad. Not fifteen minutes before my walk on which I found green so wonderful, I had this conversation with my roommate in which green was bad.

Me: You know, this tea is getting kind of gross...
Her: Oh! I'd completely forgot about it. How is it getting gross?
Me: It's turning green.
Her: EWWW!

On the bright side, she finally got rid of that cup of tea that had been sitting on the coffee table for days, but I really could've gone without seeing that green. It was about the same shade as some moss, which I enjoy seeing on the side of trees, but this was a much different context. Funny how much context can change.

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