Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fanart: Gobo and Luri Fraggle

I'm awful at drawing Fraggles. I try to doodle them in class, and they come out looking nightmarish, particularly when I try to draw any members of the Fraggle Five--Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, and Red. Well--alright, so I can sometimes draw a decent Boober. And once, I even made a somewhat-acceptable Wembley. But no matter how many times I've tried to draw Gobo, he somehow always ends up looking like he's part-dinosaur, or some completely different Fraggle in Gobo's shirt, or some other similar disaster. Oh, I can usually draw a decent random, anonymous Fraggle... but specific Fraggles don't work too well.

But I started working on this new Fraggle fan-fiction that involves a new Fraggle, and I wanted to get a clear mental picture of what this Fraggle looked like, so I picked up my colored pencils to see what I could do. My little Luri Fraggle turned out so well that I decided to try to draw Gobo next to her. And believe it or not, he's actually recognizable as Gobo! I was so excited that I just had to share. I'll spare you the horror of seeing all my doodles, but here is a fairly acceptable drawing that I'm kind of proud of!

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